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2011-2012 - Regular Season - Skater - Point Pairs - [[missing key: col_desc_player_2]]
  Player 1 Pos GP G A P +/- PIM PP SH GW Player 2 Team Team Goals Team Goals w/ Both Players Point
1-30 of 9852 results.
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1Jaromir JagrR73193554+530802Chris ProngerPHI2605
2Jaromir JagrR73193554+530802Kimmo TimonenPHI26014
3Jaromir JagrR73193554+530802Daniel BrierePHI2608
4Jaromir JagrR73193554+530802Pavel KubinaPHI2602
5Jaromir JagrR73193554+530802Scott HartnellPHI26018
6Jaromir JagrR73193554+530802Ilya BryzgalovPHI2601
7Jaromir JagrR73193554+530802Andreas LiljaPHI2602
8Jaromir JagrR73193554+530802Max TalbotPHI2601
9Jaromir JagrR73193554+530802Braydon CoburnPHI2601
10Jaromir JagrR73193554+530802Matthew CarlePHI2607
11Jaromir JagrR73193554+530802Andrej MeszarosPHI2602
12Jaromir JagrR73193554+530802Claude GirouxPHI26031
13Jaromir JagrR73193554+530802Jakub VoracekPHI2603
14Jaromir JagrR73193554+530802Wayne SimmondsPHI2601
15Jaromir JagrR73193554+530802Brayden SchennPHI2604
16Jaromir JagrR73193554+530802Matt ReadPHI2601
17Martin BrodeurGPetr SykoraNJD2161
18Martin BrodeurGPatrik EliasNJD2163
19Martin BrodeurGDainius ZubrusNJD2161
20Martin BrodeurGIlya KovalchukNJD2161
21Martin BrodeurGDavid ClarksonNJD2161
22Nicklas LidstromD70112334+2128400Todd BertuzziDET2394
23Nicklas LidstromD70112334+2128400Tomas HolmstromDET2395
24Nicklas LidstromD70112334+2128400Pavel DatsyukDET23919
25Nicklas LidstromD70112334+2128400Henrik ZetterbergDET2399
26Nicklas LidstromD70112334+2128400Niklas KronwallDET2395
27Nicklas LidstromD70112334+2128400Valtteri FilppulaDET2393
28Nicklas LidstromD70112334+2128400Jiri HudlerDET2391
29Nicklas LidstromD70112334+2128400Ian WhiteDET2395
30Nicklas LidstromD70112334+2128400Drew MillerDET2393