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2013-2014 - Regular Season - Skater - Point Pairs - Plus/Minus
  Player 1 Pos GP G A P +/- PIM PP SH GW Player 2 Team Team Goals Team Goals w/ Both Players Point
1-30 of 9870 results.
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1David KrejciC80195069+3928306Jarome IginlaBOS25836
2David KrejciC80195069+3928306Milan LucicBOS25836
3David KrejciC80195069+3928306Torey KrugBOS25815
4David KrejciC80195069+3928306Zdeno CharaBOS25814
5David KrejciC80195069+3928306Dougie HamiltonBOS2585
6David KrejciC80195069+3928306Dennis SeidenbergBOS2583
7David KrejciC80195069+3928306Matt BartkowskiBOS2583
8David KrejciC80195069+3928306Loui ErikssonBOS2582
9David KrejciC80195069+3928306Kevan MillerBOS2582
10David KrejciC80195069+3928306Adam McQuaidBOS2582
11David KrejciC80195069+3928306Chris KellyBOS2582
12David KrejciC80195069+3928306Tuukka RaskBOS2581
13David KrejciC80195069+3928306Patrice BergeronBOS2581
14David KrejciC80195069+3928306Gregory CampbellBOS2581
15David KrejciC80195069+3928306Reilly SmithBOS2581
16David KrejciC80195069+3928306Brad MarchandBOS2581
17David KrejciC80195069+3928306Carl SoderbergBOS2581
18David KrejciC80195069+3928306Johnny BoychukBOS2581
19David KrejciC80195069+3928306Ryan SpoonerBOS2581
20Patrice BergeronC80303262+3843717Brad MarchandBOS25829
21Patrice BergeronC80303262+3843717Reilly SmithBOS25822
22Patrice BergeronC80303262+3843717Loui ErikssonBOS25810
23Patrice BergeronC80303262+3843717Zdeno CharaBOS2587
24Patrice BergeronC80303262+3843717Carl SoderbergBOS2587
25Patrice BergeronC80303262+3843717Dougie HamiltonBOS2587
26Patrice BergeronC80303262+3843717Matt BartkowskiBOS2585
27Patrice BergeronC80303262+3843717Johnny BoychukBOS2584
28Patrice BergeronC80303262+3843717Torey KrugBOS2584
29Patrice BergeronC80303262+3843717Andrej MeszarosBOS2583
30Patrice BergeronC80303262+3843717Gregory CampbellBOS2583